QR codes used in Quincy’s business district on historic buildings

QR Codes on historical buildings

Barcodes help to share information about the various locations. The area of downtown Quincy, Illinois, is now offering a new method of gaining information about the various historic buildings within its business district, by posting QR codes that allow smartphone users to scan in order to learn more. The Historic Quincy Business District now has stickers posted on many building windows. These stickers feature custom QR codes that, when scanned, redirect users to a website about that specific building. The barcode stickers are posted in the windows of their relevant…

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QR codes used to share a U.K. city’s history with smartphone users

QR Code history

Newport is using mobile commerce through barcodes to share its fascinating past. The South Wales city of Newport, in the United Kingdom is taking important steps into mobile commerce by using QR codes to share its history with visitors and residents, alike. Signs featuring the barcodes are now posted all around the city center as well as at various landmarks. With a smartphone or a tablet computer and any free QR code scanner app, a visitor or a local can scan one of the signs and learn more about the…

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Global trends report shows Africa tops the world in m-commerce

africa mobile technology

According to the recently released Global Trends Report by the World Travel Market (WTM) for 2011, Africa is at the head of the mobile commerce race worldwide, with the travel industry playing the most important role in the use of the technology. The trend report was released in London at the Excel International Centre at a WTM conference, and pointed out that the OTA in Nigeria called wakanow.com released the first mobile travel app in Africa in 2001, and included searches for hotels, flights, and vehicle rentals. The report was…

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Augmented reality takes virtual tourism to a new level

Augmented Reality Travel App

Many wish that they could travel more but are unable to do so for a variety of reasons. Augmented reality may hold the solution, as Tour Wrist, a mobile marketing company offering high-quality virtual tours, is eager to show with its latest mobile application. Virtual tours are quite popular in the real estate business. Indeed, Tour Wrist has worked in that industry for several years, providing highly detailed tours. The company’s app, bearing the same name as the company itself, will not be showing off tours of homes. Rather, smart…

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