Mobile commerce is a vital component of the travel shopping experience

mobile commerce future smarphone

A recent study has shown that consumers are increasingly using multiple devices to plan and book trips. A report was recently released by a firm called Criteo, which illustrated the importance of the role of mobile commerce at both the start and finish of a shopper’s planning and booking of upcoming travel. The report was entitled the Criteo “State of Mobile Commerce” and it was focused on the third quarter of this year. Significant insight was provided through the results of the study outlined within this report. This could potentially…

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IBM and Apple partner up on business focused mobile app

IBM Mobile commerce app

The companies have now announced that they will be working together on this application and other products. Despite the fact that IBM and Apple have hardly seemed like companies that would ever be partnering to create products together, this is exactly what has recently been announced, as they will now be developing both mobile app and device products that are geared toward business customers. The first mobile application being developed in the partnership is targeting telecom companies as customers. One of the new mobile apps that the two companies have…

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Mobile app from Marriott broadens check-in tech

Marriott mobile app apple pay

Smartphone using guests at the hotel’s locations can skip the front desk for many features they want to use. Though the mobile app from the Marriott is currently considered to be quite cutting edge in the hotel industry at the moment, many in the travel environment now believe that this type of technology will become the standard within the next few years. The smartphone application makes it possible to skip the front desk in order to check-in at the hotel. Though the Marriott already had a mobile app for both…

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Mcommerce in Canadian city will prove useful to tourists

Mcommerce in the travel industry

The Halifax County Chamber of Commerce has embraced smartphone friendly tourism. The Canadian city of Halifax, in the province of Nova Scotia, welcomes approximately 600,000 tourists to the area every year, and the Halifax Chamber of Commerce has recognized that the majority of them are now carrying smartphones, making mcommerce a very useful tool. This mobile technology will be helpful for assisting these visitors in traveling around town. The chamber president, Nancy Pool has explained that the chamber is now offering the MyChamberApp, which is an mcommerce application designed to…

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Welcome to Scotland tourist initiative launches augmented reality app

Welcome to Scotland App

The National Tourism Board of Scotland is looking to change the way visitors to the country get their information by updating all tourist materials with augmented reality. The Board has thrown its support behind Welcome to Scotland, a website put together by a conglomerate of attractions throughout the country. The group has developed a new mobile application for the iPhone and Android smart phones that makes full use of augmented reality. Using the app, visitors can find a wealth of information about the various attractions found throughout Scotland. Using the…

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Alaska Airlines customers now have enhanced mobile experience when they travel

Mobile Travel App

Customers traveling with Alaska Airlines can now use an iPhone app to check-in to their flights, access boarding passes, and obtain other useful information related to their travel experience. The features offered by this app gives customers a way to access some of their most vital travel information in a highly convenient way. The airline explained that it feels that one of the most important options offered by this app is the ability for travelers to check in using their smartphones, obtain access to their boarding passes, receive text or…

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Travelers may benefit from greater information organization through the Omnego GoTravelWallet app

New Travel App

Omnego has announced the release of its latest app, GoTravelWallet, which gives its users the ability to store, organize, and access information relating to their travel such as airline tickets, reward cards for hotels, and currency exchange rates. Many travelers find it handy to keep all of their information safely stored in one place that is easy to access. The Omnego app is currently available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices. CEO of Omnego, David Thomas, said that the GoTravelWallet app was developed to assist “help business and pleasure travelers…

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QR codes come to the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium as part of a new interactive learning initiative

QR Codes at the Zoo!

The appeal of QR codes in the marketing world is well known these days. It seems that every business is making use of the codes to engage consumers that are growing increasingly attached to their mobile devices. In this sense, there are few avenues that the codes have not yet traveled, but their capabilities for information and content distribution can extend well beyond the realm of marketing. The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is using the codes, but not for advertising. The acclaimed wildlife center has taken note of the…

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iPhone app lets Amtrak customers purchase their tickets via mobile phone

Boston Amtrak Station

Amtrak has announced its introduction of a new iPhone app that will allow its passengers to more easily check the train schedules, plan their trips, buy train tickets, and change the reservations that they’ve already made. The purpose of the app is to provide faster and more convenient ways for travelers to plan their trips and make the necessary arrangements. They can now download the Amtrak app for free from the Apple App store in order to benefit from the many features connected to the Amtrak trains which operate in…

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QR codes bring history to life in Washington Township, New Jersey

QR Codes used at Historical Sites

QR codes can make marketing much more engaging than traditional static imagery, but the codes can also be used to bring a little bit of the past to life. Such is the case in the Old Stone Village in Washington Township, New Jersey. The famed site is steeped in history and culture and soon visitors to the site will be able to take guided virtual tours by scanning QR codes. Yet again, technology seeks to revitalize the past. The idea comes from Chris Del Borello, president of the Washington Township…

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Augmented reality takes virtual tourism to a new level

Augmented Reality Travel App

Many wish that they could travel more but are unable to do so for a variety of reasons. Augmented reality may hold the solution, as Tour Wrist, a mobile marketing company offering high-quality virtual tours, is eager to show with its latest mobile application. Virtual tours are quite popular in the real estate business. Indeed, Tour Wrist has worked in that industry for several years, providing highly detailed tours. The company’s app, bearing the same name as the company itself, will not be showing off tours of homes. Rather, smart…

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