How companies are unlocking the QR code return on investment

QR Codes

North Little Rock, Arkansas printing firm CustomXM has been watching the increase in digital communication over the last few years and has developed an interest in QR codes as an important tool to bridge the gap between the print and digital worlds. Its CFO and president, Paul Strack, has said that they’d been keeping an eye on these two dimensional codes and has seen the tremendous potential they hold. Chief marketing officer Jason Pinto from interlinkOne, a marketing software provider from Boston, elaborated on the benefit of the codes, saying…

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ShareSquare makes all the right connections

Snap Shot of ShareSquare Website

ShareSquare, a platform that connects audiences with the entertainment industry, made a strong showing at this year’s South by South West conference. They have launched their new initiative today that will make use of QR codes. The company will also offer a content management system that will let clients easily customize the codes as well as obtain real-time analytics. This year’s conference, held in Texas, was overrun with QR codes. As the barcodes become more popular, more companies specializing in their use are beginning to emerge. Mobile technology is likely…

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