Tourism QR codes in Thailand promote local tourist attractions

tourism QR codes beach

The quick response codes are a part of a massive program mean to inform travelers throughout the country. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand has now launched a program called “Thailand Scan me” in which tourism QR codes are strategically placed to provide travelers with information about the various types of attractions they can find across the country but to which they may not otherwise have been exposed. The goal is to ensure that tourists will be as informed as possible about what is available in the country.…

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QR codes provide a virtual walking tour guide to German village visitors

QR codes book school mobile shopping

The students at Neuen Mittelschule Frankenfels have created 15 hotspots throughout the town. A middle school in Germany has now created a new way for visitors to experience its village by providing a number of QR codes in 15 different hotspots that will allow visitors to be able to learn more about the various points of interest throughout the town. These quick response codes were implemented by students at Neuen Mittelschule Frankenfels. The idea is that visitors will be able to use their own smartphones to scan QR codes and…

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QR codes and Bluetooth tech may play central role in London tourism strategy

Harrods London QR codes nfc technology

Conservative London mayoral hopeful, Tony Arbour, intends to use technology to draw visitors. London certainly isn’t hurting for tourist attractions, but Conservative London Assembly member Tony Arbour is hoping to make sure that Londoners and visitors, alike, will get to know some of the less well recognized locations throughout the city by using QR codes and other technologies. Although everyone knows about the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, there is much more there. There is a great deal more to see than the places for which the city is…

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QR codes give Newport visitors a historical tour

QR codes scanning success

The university and cathedral city in South East Wales is using quick response codes to educate tourists. A new program has now introduced QR codes throughout the city of Newport, Wales, in order to help to provide visitors to the city with more information about the history of some of the most important points on its map. The quick response codes have been designed to provide smartphone carrying visitors with an informational tour. The tour using QR codes was created by, which has implemented this type of project in…

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QR codes at historical parks get the nod from Thai Culture Minister

Scanning QR codes

The trial period for the quick response codes went very well and Veera Rojanarat has given positive feedback. Thailand’s Culture Minister Veera Rojanarat, has said that the trial for using QR codes in order to enhance the experience of tourists at three of the country’s historical parks is considered to be a success, to the point that this program will now be expanded to include other historical parks that are located throughout the country. The announcement followed the receipt of comments on the program that were made by other officials.…

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