Galaxy S II the first device to support Isis

isis mobile wallet

Update makes Galaxy S II compatible with Isis T-Mobile has issued an update to the Galaxy S II that makes the mobile device the first ever that is ready for the Isis payment platform. T-Mobile is one of the three companies invested in the Isis initiative, along with AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Isis aims to be the world’s most expansive and comprehensive mobile commerce system. Though it has not yet been launched, Isis has already garnered the support of most major financial institutions and is poised to beat out competitors…

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ISIS platforms gains momentum over competitors due to slow and steady approach

Mobile Commerce Industry

Mobile commerce giant takes small steps. ISIS, the mobile commerce joint venture between Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, is making slow, but steady progress toward a new pilot test this summer. The platform may be lagging behind the Google Wallet, which was formally launched late last year, but has already become one of the more popular platforms in the industry, despite the fact that ISIS has yet to see commercial release. The slow progression of ISIS seems to have been beneficial, as it has allowed the project to overcome the challenges…

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Verizon Wireless shuns Google’s Wallet – hope still lies with Sprint

Mobile Commerce

Telecommunications giant Verizon Wireless has announced that it will not support Google’s ambitious mobile payment applications, called Google Wallet. Verizon is set to compete with Google for control of the emerging mobile commerce industry. The company is part of a triumvirate, which included AT&T and T-Mobile, which is working to build the mobile payment platform known as Isis. With Verizon choosing not to support Google’s platform, the technology company’s last hope remains with Sprint. Google has worked hard to promote its mobile payment platform and consumers have shown some favor…

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T-Mobile fashions the first QR codes to serve the agriculture industry exclusively

QR Code

T-Mobile has been exploring ways to implement QR codes in agriculture and may have found a perfect place to use the codes. The telecommunications company has taken a keen interest in the codes recently, recognizing their abilities to engage mobile consumers. The company has been working with the National Farmers’ Union to place QR codes on animals and scarecrows. The initiative has drawn some controversy from animal rights advocacy groups, but T-Mobile insists that these codes are not harmful to animals in any way. T-Mobile has teamed with EBLEX, a…

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Visa’s strategy for mobile payment domination

Visa Mobile Payments News

Credit card and other large companies are diving into mobile and digital payment technologies head first, forming aggressive strategies with purchasing and partnerships in order to ensure their space at the top of the game. Both American Express and MasterCard have been making deals and have been choosing the technologies that they believe will lead the way for mobile payments. Visa has also made as series of significant moves recently, which include the assumption of an advisory position in Square (a disruptive startup), the $110 million acquisition of Fundamo (a…

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