Unsolicited SMS spam causing frustrations among mobile users

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Direct Marketing Association has released the results of a survey that showed that 43 percent of their participants had received “unsolicited SMS spam promoting accident claims or mis-selling financial services.” Unfortunately, just as has been the case with spam in our hotmail inboxes, SMS spammers have rapidly adopted this new marketing tactic to such an extent that this form of advertising platform’s future growth has now become threatened. According to Mike Lordan, the chief of operations at DMA, mobile phone users are being continually inundated by spam and they are…

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Quality control needed in mobile marketing campaigns

Mobile Marketing News

There is no doubt that QR codes have become a powerful tool in business-to-consumer marketing and social media. Since their arrival in the U.S., the codes have coasted to popularity thanks to their relative ease of use and access. Their simplicity is beguiling, however, as one mistake could mean the difference between a working code and a useless one. According to Bert Moore, director of communications for AIMGlobal, a global trade association for automatic identification, says that misuse of QR codes is on the rise and if marketers do not…

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