NFC technology not sufficient for the London Underground

NFC Security

Transport for London shies away from NFC technology The London Underground is one of the busiest transportation hubs in the world. The Underground provides United Kingdom citizens with public transportation services that are often considered quick and efficient. With daily service in the realm of 3 million a day, Transport for London (TfL), the operators of the transportation system, constantly look for ways to make the Underground more efficient for travels. Recently, TfL has been experimenting with NFC technology in the hopes of accomplishing this goal. Technology not capable of…

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London’s transportation authority backs away from NFC technology for the Olympic Games

London Mobile Payments

Transport for London shies away from NFC The 2012 Olympic Games are quickly approaching and the United Kingdom has been working on ways to make the event memorable for the masses of people that will be flocking to the country. NFC technology has been a popular focus for the nation recently, because of the technology’s various uses in marketing, commerce, and information distribution. Transport for London (TfL), a government agency focused on public transportation in the city, had plans to incorporate NFC technology into its ticketing scheme. This plan may…

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Steely Eye Digital Media shows 23% of London advertisements not mobile optimized

QR Code Scanning

QR Code scanning stats in London QR codes are becoming a common sight throughout the London transportation system. The codes often accompany large advertisements. The codes adorn billboards as well as posters found in the subway network and have been relatively successful among tech-savvy consumers. It has been difficult for marketers to encourage consumers to scan QR codes with their mobile devices lately. While there seems to be no shortage of smart phones capable of scanning the codes, consumers have shown little to no interest in using them. In London,…

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