Quick response codes announce Tesla’s upcoming Mexican Supercharger

Tesla Motors quick response codes

A QR code scan was all it took to discover the announcement that the network was expanding to Mexico. Tesla has just made a massive announcement and it did so by posting massive quick response codes that could be scanned through the use of smartphones with reader apps installed. Its announcement was that its Supercharger network is now on its way to expanding into Mexico. The QR codes were displayed all along the wall behind each parking space in a parking garage. When scanned, the quick response codes directed the…

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Can a smartwatch be used to start a car? Yup!

Apple Watch smartwatch Close-up Details wearable technology growth

The Apple Watch can now be used, along with an app, in order to start the Tesla Model S. A smartwatch app for the Apple Watch has now been created in order to integrate the “Summon” feature from Tesla, making it possible for users of this wearable technology to remotely start a Model S, as well as automatically back it into and out of a garage. Tesla’s Summon feature is one that was worked into the most recent software update for several remote features. While it was originally created to…

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