Wearable technology may soon be a temporary tattoo, not a watch

chaotic moon tech tats wearable technology

It may not be long before chunky smartwatches and fitness trackers are gone and tiny adhesive patches replace them. When looking at the current market for wearable technology, it is clear that the leaders are currently fitness trackers, with smartwatches far in the distance and smartglasses hoping for the future. However, one company is looking into an entirely different and much smaller version of wearables. A tech startup called Chaotic Moon is hoping to be able to eliminate the need for those chunky devices that often look like they are…

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Dave’s Killer Marketing Strategy

It seems everyone is joining the latest technologic craze taking the world by storm. QR codes have quickly become one of the most utilized and identifiable tools in marketing. Since their launch in the mid-80s, they were exclusively used to keep track of inventory. When smart phones became more popular, marketers saw how useful they could be for their clients. Today, the codes can be found in a number of print adverts and are used extensively in marketing campaigns for the music, fashion, and entertainment industries. Dave’s Killer Bread, a…

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