Spotify updates application to support NFC technology

Spotify app with NFC technology

Spotify app gets a high-tech update Acclaimed digital music service Spotify has announced an update for its Android mobile application that will allow it to take advantage of NFC technology. Now, those with the Spotify application will be able to access a variety of NFC-based features that have been included into the “Audio Effects” portion of the app. Spotify is the latest digital service to show support for NFC technology and believes that it may provide a more enjoyable experience to consumers. App will let users share music The updated…

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NFC tags from Samsung could make mundane tasks more convenient

NFC begins to expand beyond the boundaries of mobile commerce Famed electronics and telecommunications company Samsung have announced that it will be taking a new approach to NFC technology. For years, companies like Samsung have focused on the financial implications of the technology. Indeed, the technology has been a key component in the rise of the mobile commerce industry. Samsung believes that more can be done with NFC technology, however, and has begun developing a new system that is designed to help make people’s daily lives more convenient. Samsung unveils…

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