MIT announces release of NewsFlash using technology similar to QR codes

newsflash app mobile commerce

NewsFlash is designed for iPads and smartphones so that they can share data with light transmission similar to the process for QR codes. The Media Lab at MIT is always working on projects that are at the very cutting edge of technology, and most recently they have unveiled NewsFlash, which uses a new type of light transmission technology that can be compared to the way that mobile devices use QR codes. NewsFlash is a project that uses green and red light to allow iPad and mobile phone devices to share…

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Will the new iQR Code take the spotlight?

QR codes have come a long way since they were created by Japan based Denso Wave – a subsidiary of Toyota – and they have established themselves as the primary tool for mobile marketing. Denso Wave first used the codes to keep track of inventory for Toyota and the codes have spread throughout Japan ever since. They are now used throughout the nation as a medium for just about anything. The codes have also been gaining a foothold in western society, finding their way to the sides of buildings, buses…

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