Augmented reality kiosk designed to draw attention to sporting goods shop

Augmented reality and technology Shopping trends

The store is working with a technology provider to use iPads for a unique AR experience for shoppers. ArmorActive, an enterprise level tablet solutions company, has partnered with a Utah sporting goods store, Scheels, in order to implement an augmented reality iPad kiosk in its location in Sandy, to provide shoppers with a unique experience while they consider their purchases. The kiosk is made up of many different elements to create an AR experience for customers. The press release distributed by ArmorActive has described the augmented reality kiosk as having…

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Augmented reality special edition to be released on “Far Cry 3” covers

Augmented reality-Aurasma

Three successive publications in the U.S. will let fans interact with printed magazine pages. Leading gaming and technology media property producer, Future US, has announced that it will be releasing three special edition augmented reality covers for “Far Cry 3” in a row, which will give fans the chance to get more out of the experience through the use of their smartphones. The covers will be on PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine, and PC Gamer. Each of those three magazine print covers will feature cutting edge augmented reality…

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Fast cars and fast print ads

With QR codes and other mobile marketing strategies gaining traction, many are wondering what role interactive technologies will play in the future. Many companies, both big and small, all over the world are taking advantage of new trends in the advertising industry, hoping to turn people’s use of smart phones into patronage. While QR codes seem to be the weapon of choice for many of today’s advertisers, there are a growing number of print publications using the codes for a different purpose altogether. The print and digital worlds are often…

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Exploring the differences and similarities of the two

QR Codes vs. NFC mobie marketing

QR codes have started springing to life here in the U.S. as businesses and entrepreneurs alike have discovered their simple wonder as a marketing tool.  Meanwhile, mobile technology developers have all ready came out with another genius tool; the Near Field Communication (NFC) tags. QR codes and NFC devices are similar, yet very different.  Both, if used correctly, can help propel your business presence from the physical to the virtual world. QR codes are a small square box that looks similar to a 2D, pixilated barcode. They can be embedded…

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