Mobile security to gain momentum in coming years

Mobile Security

Mobile security may have a big year in 2015, driven by interests in the mobile commerce field Mobile security is likely to become more important this year, especially as more people begin to participate in the mobile commerce space. A new report from TechNavio shows that the global mobile security market is beginning to gain momentum. More businesses are placing a strong focus on mobile security, especially those in the retail space that accept mobile payments. In the coming year, security may become a major priority for businesses throughout the…

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Global augmented reality market shows promise

augmented reality video

AR market set for strong growth Augmented reality is showing impressive growth around the world, especially as both companies and consumers begin to form a better understanding of the technology’s capabilities and current boundaries. The technology has begun having a major influence on the game industry as well as well as many others and the demand for AR platforms and services has been rising rapidly over the past several years. TechNavio, a provider of market research reports, has published a new study concerning the promise that can be seen in…

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Augmented reality market set for aggressive expansion

Augmented Reality apps

TechNavio predicts a promising future for augmented reality Augmented reality is beginning to take off in numerous industries. Many technology companies are working on wearable augmented reality products, while software developers are working augmented reality into new mobile applications for various platforms. Even the game industry has become enamored with augmented reality. TechNavio, a leading market research firm, has released a new study forecasting the future of the global augmented reality market; and the future certainly looks bright for this interactive technology. Study forecasts CAGR of 54.3% from 2012 to…

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Report shows the growth of NFC technology

NFC Technology mobile commerce

Report highlights the successes of NFC technology Technavio, a market research firm, has released a new report titled “Global Near Field Communication Chip Market 2011-2015.” The report highlights the trends that emerged to influence the worldwide NFC chip market and provide insight on how these trends could affect the market’s future. The report is tailored for “decision makers” who are interested in the capabilities of NFC technology and its various uses. The report notes that one of the most popular sectors in which NFC technology is playing a major role…

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Study predicts the growth of mobile commerce in North America

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce continues to gain momentum in the North American market Mobile commerce is becoming a popular concept all over the world. The growth of the industry has relied heavily on NFC technology and the interest it has managed to attract from companies like Google, PayPal and financial institutions. While these companies have shown varying degrees of support for NFC technology, many of these support the basic premise of mobile commerce. The industry has recently begun seeing major gains in the North American market, where consumers with smart phones are…

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