Technoparks of Moscow: effective infrastructure for innovative future

Technoparks of Moscow

Moscow is already the capital of the future. At least according to a recent study of the Foreign Direct Investment Intelligence. The city systematically raises investment attractiveness in all of its spheres, ensuring the building of infrastructure and platforms for all the participants of the market. One of such directions of the city is the creation of modern technoparks and technopolises (or science or technology or research parks) under the aegis of the Moscow City Investment Agency. The first technopark in Moscow was opened in 1991 at the National Research…

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Nuviz Brings Augmented Reality to Ordinary Helmets with Ride:HUD

Nuviz Augmented Reality Helmet

You may have heard or read about augmented reality helmets… but now San Diego based Nuviz has went one step ahead by introducing world’s first independent device that will give ordinary helmets a Head-Up Display. This brand new device from Nuviz is called Ride:HUD and its see through Heads Up Display technology has been especially designed for motorcyclists. The Nuviz Ride: HUD actually enables the riders to view information like navigation, weather and telemetry in the low right corner of their helmets’ field of vision, where it displays transparent images…

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Tech Companies You Might Not Know Yet

tech news

When it comes to technology, we live in a world that is constantly changing. Advancements in tech are commonplace among existing companies that have been around a while, but we wanted to take a look at some corporations that are using high-tech in innovative ways even if you don’t know about them yet. Tech Company Leaders You may recognize some of the names on the list below, but read them all to find out specific ways they are leading the charge into the future when it comes to technology. Ford…

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