Mobile shopping experience is a primary Target focus

Target Store mobile shopping qr codes

The retailer is now concentrating on ensuring that smartphone users will find what they need while in-store. Target is the latest retailer to have identified the opportunity that is available when the in-store and mobile shopping channels are brought together, as it enhances the experience of customers, encouraging them to spend more. Target has found that a customer’s own smartphone can help to boost the size of in-store sales. According to the vice president of enterprise strategy at Target, Jamil Ghani, Target has “rebuilt all of our digital experiences from…

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Mobile marketing is a big win for Target

Target Mobile Marketing

Target focuses on mobile marketing and finds success Mobile marketing and commerce may become a more powerful force in the retail industry in the coming year. Over the holiday season, retailers found that engaging mobile consumer was quite successful. Target announced that its holiday deals, many of which highlighted mobile commerce, were a success among consumers. The retailer broke its previous sales record for the holiday season, suggesting that its mobile initiatives were able to entice consumers to purchase products with their mobile devices and visit physical stores. Mobile sales…

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QR codes added to Disney campaign to appeal to kids

disney mobile payments

The new mobile marketing campaign is being launched in Australia with the target discount store. Disney and Target are now working together in Australia to reach out and connect with children through mobile marketing that is based on QR codes printed onto an interactive virtual wall. The interactive mcommerce experience was designed to be used for only this past weekend. The location was at a cinema in Sydney and it was created in order to use QR codes to form a child friendly experience. Though Disney is experienced in the…

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QR codes will play a key role to mobile marketing throughout the holiday season

QR Codes used for holiday shopping promotions

Major brands and companies are already revealing campaigns using the barcodes. Though mobile marketing has already been recognized as a vital driver for the upcoming holiday shopping season, what is also being discovered is that QR codes will be the heart of many of those campaigns. This technology is expected to stand out dramatically from the rest over the next couple of months. Large brands such as Target, Kraft, Tourneau, and many more have already started to incorporate QR codes into their various efforts to make certain that holiday shoppers…

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QR codes, free Wi-Fi, and price matching part of Target’s holiday mix

Target mobile commerce

The Christmas shopping season has a number of aggressive mcommerce elements. Now that Best Buy has set the bar for price matching over mcommerce, Target has followed this successful lead over the holiday season by adding QR codes and price matching with competitors such as Amazon, while free Wi-Fi to give shoppers the ability to inform themselves and perform their comparisons. Other stores that are included among the prime competition are Toys R Us and Walmart. The QR code promotions Target has implemented are meant to help to draw online…

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QR code system that remembers what you buy may be coming to major retail stores

QR Code

As the marketing industry becomes saturated with QR codes, the practice of tracking the codes performance is becoming more popular. Retailers are beginning to see the benefits of tracking QR code campaigns, as the valuable analytic data they derive from the codes can be used to make more effective campaigns in the future. Target, Home Depot and Macy’s are now looking to incorporate a QR code system that will remember specific customers, allowing retailers to use one code to reach thousands of different people. The concept is simple enough. When…

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The most common mistakes made in mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has been evolving at a speed that is unknown in advertising, so it should come as no surprise that mistakes are being made by even the most skilled marketers. Among them, the most common are the following. It is important to learn about them so that they will not be repeated. • Failing to meet compatibility requirements – it is extremely effective to offer QR codes, text messages, and emails that will provide mobile device users with access to videos, websites, apps, and other types of content, unless…

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Geo-marketing being utilized more and more


Foursquare, the location-based marketing service, has announced a partnership with a series of daily deal coupon businesses, which is expected to bring geo-marketing out of the “dabbling” stage and into much more common use, for a major impact on mobile marketing. Geo-marketing has been effective, but has been only very lightly used in Australia and the United States so far. It has, however, created quite a stir in certain occasions, such as when thousands of customers rushed to Gap stores mere hours after receiving instructions to obtain one of 10,000…

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Mobile privacy laws hot topic for senate

Mobile Privacy Laws

The consumer protection subcommittee (of the Senate commerce committee) will be holding a hearing Thursday to discuss mobile privacy. Representatives from Apple, Google and Facebook will be there to speak as well as a representative from Common Sense Media. The consumer protection subcommittee will be discussing consumer privacy rights and discussing industry procedures for mobile data collection. Last week, Apple and Google faced tough questioning from members of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee about their company privacy policies. Representatives from both Apple and Google reiterated that customers have control over whether…

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