NFC technology based payments aren’t as popular as carrier billing

NFC technology mobile payments

When it comes to short term monetization of smartphone transactions, near field communication fell short. According to a new whitepaper that was just released by Juniper Research and Amdocs, which has revealed the leading mobile payments strategies and it discovered that NFC technology is currently nowhere near the lead. The whitepaper provided considerable insight into the techniques that are currently leading the way. The name of the whitepaper was “Mobile Payments in the App Store Economy: Winning Strategies for Telcos.” It focused a great deal on the relevance of telcos…

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NFC technology debate avoided by Vend

NFC Technology mobile payments

This partner of PayPal is dodging the risk of taking sides in the massive mobile payments controversy. As Vend – a partner with PayPal – opens its first Australian office in order to broaden its mobile payments reach, it is being careful to remain neutral in its position when it comes to NFC technology, which has generated strong degrees of love and hate throughout the industry. In this case, the company has taken careful steps in an attempt to remain “payments agnostic”. This, according to Vaughan Rowsell, the CEO of…

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Mcommerce is receiving an important boost from MasterCard

NFC Mobile Payments Mastercard QR Code PayPass MasterPass

The credit card giant is playing an important role in the growth of the smartphone shopping environment. As a part of the effort to boost mcommerce, MasterCard Inc. has now released the Software Development Kits (SDKs) for the Mobile MasterCard PayPass User Interface. The SDK offers a full next generation digital range of submission and authorization solutions. Through the SDK, there is assistance for the new applications that are being offered by the operators of the mobile networks, as well as the issuers and the third party software developers for…

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Big players are making their moves toward mobile payment NFC technology

M-Commerce Industry

As more companies reveal their intentions for Black Friday discounts, sales, and other opportunities, the number of times that mobile payment services are mentioned continue to rise. Since the start of the week, four mobile market leaders have had their names connected with new NFC technology intentions in the hopes that mobile device users will attach themselves to the wave- or tap-and-pay systems for completing purchase transactions. Telefonica – a multinational mobile network operator – and RIM have announced that the newest service with NFC by Telefonica will be available…

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MasterCard and Intel partner together for online and mobile payment transactions

Mobile Payment Industry

MasterCard and Intel have announced a new collaborations where they will work together to improve the overall online shopping experience through the payment process and better security. This partnership will last several years and will bring together the expertise that MasterCard has in commerce and payment processing with the chip-based security strength of Intel. The concept of this collaboration is to make the checkout process much safer and easier for both online merchants and their customers who use the latest PCs such as thin laptops called Ultrabooks (for example, the…

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