NFC technology debate avoided by Vend

NFC Technology mobile payments

This partner of PayPal is dodging the risk of taking sides in the massive mobile payments controversy. As Vend – a partner with PayPal – opens its first Australian office in order to broaden its mobile payments reach, it is being careful to remain neutral in its position when it comes to NFC technology, which has generated strong degrees of love and hate throughout the industry. In this case, the company has taken careful steps in an attempt to remain “payments agnostic”. This, according to Vaughan Rowsell, the CEO of…

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Tap and Go Digital Receipts Now Available Through Proximiant

Mobile Receipts

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Proximiant, a provider of tap and go digital receipts, launched today, introducing a private and secure way for retailers and shoppers to track purchases and earn loyalty rewards, cash rebates and coupons without paper receipts, time-consuming signup requirements or membership cards. Retailers of any size are now able to provide customers immediate access to a variety of programs using a phone-sized USB interface transceiver from Proximiant. The free transceiver easily plugs into a store’s computerized point-of-sale system (POS) and launches within two minutes. The transceiver’s built-in…

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