Mobile commerce to help Taiwan’s e-commerce sector reach new heights

Taiwan Mobile wallet commerce

E-commerce is growing quickly throughout Taiwan Taiwan’s e-commerce sector is expected to see major growth in the coming years. More people throughout the country are beginning to shop online as new services become available to them The Institute for Information industry has released a new report concerning this trend, highlighting the fact that e-commerce is becoming more attractive to these consumers because of its convenience factor. The growing adoption of mobile devices is also playing a role in the growth of e-commerce. Mobile shopping is becoming a powerful trend among…

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Messaging apps may revolutionize mobile commerce

mobile commerce asia

Future of mobile shopping and payments may lie with messaging apps Mobile messaging applications may be the future of mobile commerce. A growing number of these apps are being released and many of them are being designed with mobile payments in mind. In some cases, these apps are meant to make mobile shopping more social, allowing users to share their purchases with those they have on their contact lists. Most of these apps simply aim to satisfy the demand coming from consumers who want their applications to do more than…

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Yahoo sees promise in Taiwan’s mobile commerce scene

yahoo mobile app

Yahoo Taiwan is beginning to take steps to engage mobile consumers Yahoo is looking to tap into the e-commerce market of Taiwan. The company’s Taiwanese division has taken note of the growing adoption of mobile devices and how these devices are beginning to have a major impact on consumer behavior. Yahoo believes that online sales will soon outpace sales coming from traditional, physical stores, with the Taiwanese e-commerce market reaching $33.34 billion in sales by the end of 2015. Nearly 40% of all online shoppers are using mobile devices Yahoo…

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QR codes used for new ticketing service in Taiwan

QR codes in mobile commerce

Citibank and Vieshow launch ticketing service based on QR codes Citibank Taiwan has partnered with Vieshow Cinemas in order to launch a new ticketing service that leverages the power of QR codes. The codes are quite common in marketing and have been gaining more attention as a mobile commerce tool in recent months. While the codes are often criticized by consumers regarding their appearance, but many people have expressed favor for the content they can access through the codes and the convenience that they bring to ticketing services. Codes becoming…

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Far EasTone to launch its own NFC-enabled device to promote mobile commerce

NFC Technology mobile commerce

Mobile commerce held back by lack of NFC-enabled devices In a world where commerce is becoming increasingly mobile, NFC technology is still relatively unknown. Despite the fact that the technology is considered one of the pillars of modern mobile commerce, very few consumers are aware that the technology actually exists or how to use it. Because most mobile commerce platforms are based on NFC technology, this also meant that few consumers are able to participate in mobile payments due to their lack of knowledge and the generally low availability of…

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