Tablet market is taking a nose dive as shipments drop off

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At the moment, Samsung and Apple are still holding the lead, but Amazon’s shipments are actually rising. Despite the fact that Samsung and Apple still dominate the tablet market, their sales growth has plummeted. At the same time that those electronic giants see sluggishness at best, Amazon’s tablet shipments have skyrocketed. Amazon saw four times more sales in the third quarter this year than it did at the same time in 2015. The online marketplace has managed to find strong growth in the tablet market that is otherwise falling rapidly.…

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Tablet commerce is slowing for Apple’s iPad

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The technology giant is no longer experiencing an acceleration of shipments for those devices. According to some of the latest mobile technology industry data, while the tablet commerce competition for Apple experienced a growth of their device shipments of 79 percent over the last year, Apple’s growth was notably lower at 13 percent. At the same time, while market saturation approaches for these devices, the company could still hold strong. The report by ABI research indicated that even though there have been notable challenges along the way, as the tablet…

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Technology news report says Android tablet is about to take over

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The latest data from ABI Research is showing that the “tipping point” is approaching for these devices. Since the release of the iPad, technology news headlines have always held Apple’s tablet at the head of the pack, with market dominance that held a massive lead over the competition. But the latest data is showing that the iPad may be about to lose its crown as Android tablets rise. ABI Research has just released a report that has stated that the “tipping point” for Android tablets is rapidly approaching. This suggests…

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Mobile commerce division to receive a boost at HP

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Plans have now begun in creating this new branch of the company. A memo from within HP has been leaked and heavily suggests that the company has already begun the process of building a new mobile commerce division. Similar efforts by this organization have failed in the past. HP had attempted to dip into device efforts such as tablets, but they never managed to make any meaningful impact on the market. By reorganizing, this may provide the company with a new grasp on the marketplace. However, as of yet, it…

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InMobi data shows 771 percent growth of mobile and tablet impressions in 2011

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InMobi, the largest independent mobile network worldwide, has released the results of the Mobile Market 2011 Review – a study it performs every year – which was conducted to analyze and identify trends over the last year, and provide insight into what 2012 will hold for the mobile marketplace. The annual review revealed a growth of 251 percent growth in worldwide impressions over mobile channels within the InMobi network. Furthermore, there was a rise of 488 percent in impressions worldwide originating from smartphones. That said, in the fastest growing InMobi…

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