T-commerce added to Groupon mobile app updates

Groupon Mobile commerce

The daily deal site has added to its application in order to boost the prominence of search. Groupon has just announced that it has made considerable updates to its mobile app by increasing the importance of search – through a magnifying glass that is located on the bottom right of its application pages – and by supporting t-commerce on ten inch devices. Now that the e-retailer has such as large number of daily deals, it is making them easier to find. It has become clear to Groupon that it has…

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T-commerce strategy taken on by CVS

Tablet Commerce

The drugstore has been taken to a mobile format that is specifically optimized for tablets. CVS has released a virtual shop that has been t-commerce optimized so that consumers can learn and shop through the use of their iPads from home or wherever they happen to be. This may be highly appealing to individuals who are already under the weather but are looking for the products they need. The new t-commerce application could be highly appealing to busy individuals and those who are feeling too under the weather to have…

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