New mobile marketing campaign launched to promote Google Play in Australia

Mobile Marketing Google QR codes and NFC

Mobile marketing puts a new twist on traditional advertising tools With technology playing such a major role in the modern world, it can often be difficult to see the value of traditional marketing tools, such as billboards. For Google, marketing has long been a major priority, and not only for the company itself but the multitudes of others that rely on its marketing capabilities as well. Google has been working to promote its popular Google Play application store in Australia recently and has taped oOh! Media, a leading advertising firm,…

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Sydney’s The Rocks to make use of NFC technology

The Rocks Sydney uses NFC Technology

NFC technology to be adopted by ew project from The Rocks NFC technology gets the majority of its attention from its uses in mobile commerce. The technology has become the cornerstone of the mobile commerce industry because of its ability to transfer information without the need for wires or contact with other mobile devices. Though the technology is famous in the realm of m-commerce, it has other uses beyond payments. The Rocks, a famous tourist precinct in Sydney, Australia, is set to get a technological upgrade that leverages NFC technology…

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Augmented reality campaign launched by Destination New South Wales

Mobile Commerce

Tourism agency utilizes augmented reality to connect with foreigners and natives alike Australia’s Destination New South Wales tourism agency has launched a new marketing campaign that makes use of augmented reality. The tourism agency has chosen augmented reality because of its interactive features. This interactivity has won the technology the acclaim of the marketing industry as a whole. Advertisers are beginning to make use of augmented reality to connect with consumers who have been on the lookout for more chances to engage in dynamic digital content. Interactive technology gaining ground…

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