Mobile commerce firm offers new service in Spain

NFC Mobile commerce Payments students

Seamless brings its QR code mobile commerce service to Spain QR codes have been around for years, but only recently have these barcodes begun seeing use as mobile commerce tools. Seamless, a mobile payments firm, has launched a new service in Spain that will leverage QR codes as a way to engage mobile consumers. The service is called SEQR has already gained traction in other markets, including Sweden and Germany, but it may help bolster the somewhat slow-moving mobile payments sector in Spain. SEQR leverages the power of QR codes…

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United Kingdom leads Europe in mobile commerce

United Kingdom mobile commerce

Report highlights mobile shopping trends throughout the European Union TNS, a leading market research firm, has released a new report regarding the state of mobile commerce in Europe. Many Europeans have been growing quite fond of shopping online from their mobile devices in recent years. The number of people doing so has increased significantly as smartphones and tablets become more available throughout Europe. In the United Kingdom, consumers seem to be much more enthusiastic about mobile shopping than those in other countries, according to the report from TNS. UK consumers…

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Sweden to adopt QR coded banknotes

QR codes on money

World’s first banknotes to feature QR codes Last year, the Royal Dutch Mint, the Netherlands’ issuer of coins, introduced the world to QR coded coins. These coins featured small QR codes that could be scanned by a smart phone or other mobile device. When scanned, the codes would direct people to a mobile website where they could find information on the Royal Dutch Mint and what went into making the coins. Though this was the world’s first glimpse at QR code currency, it would not be the last. Now, the…

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Jetshop launches new pop-up store in Stockholm, Sweden

QR Code Mall

Jetshop, an e-commerce system development company, has launched a new QR coded store in Stockholm, Sweden. The concept of QR code stores, or pop-up stores as they are often called, is becoming quite popular. These stores have no physical merchandise; rather products are features as pictures. Each of these products have their own QR code, which allows consumers to make purchases using their smart phones or other mobile devices. Jetshop hopes that the new store will catch the attention of tech-savvy consumers. The store is located in the Stockholm Central…

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Stockholm County AIDS Prevention Program uses QR code for a safe sex promotion campaign

QR Code

The Stockholm County AIDS Prevention Program has launched a new mobile campaign with the assistance of the Esther advertising agency, which has been designed to use QR codes to promote safe sex. Young people in that city are in the demographic that is among the worst not only in Sweden, but in the entire continent for not practicing safe sex. This campaign has been designed to be fun and informative, promoting the use of condoms. The campaign was launched with the distribution of free condoms that featured a QR code…

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