Edible QR Codes: What’s The Deal?

Fast Food QR codes google glass

The usefulness and popularity of smartphone-scannable QR codes has gotten to be so significant that the codes are branching out and being implemented in other industries, many of which haven’t had much use for the codes up to this point. One of those uncharted territories is the food and restaurant industry, where QR codes are just now starting to show up. These are quickly becoming known as “edible” QR codes, though the codes themselves aren’t actually for food. But they are being used by the food industry in a number…

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QR codes help sushi chef eliminate restaurant fish substitutions

qr code sushi

California restaurants are experiencing a rise in “fish fraud” and a mobile friendly barcode is helping to stop that. There is a growing problem in California restaurants, as well as in other areas of the United States, and a sushi chef is hoping to use QR codes to put the practices around it to a dead stop. The issue has to do with the use of fish that is far less than fresh in sushi and other restaurants. The practice of gassing fish with carbon monoxide in order to maintain…

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QR codes in sushi honor 10,000 MSC certified meals

sushi qr codes

The partnership that Moshi Moshi has held with the Marine Stewardship Council received a unique applause. Moshi Moshi has just announced the new and unique way that it has chosen to celebrate the 10,000th dish that it has served with the certification of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), by creating a sushi design that includes QR codes. This restaurant is the first one in the United Kingdom to use the conveyor belt bar design. It has also had a long standing relationship with the MSC, which is a watch group…

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QR codes made out of sushi promote sustainability

QR Codes use at restaurants

This combination, a world’s first, was on display at the Frieze Art Fair in London, England. In London, the Frieze Art Fair was yet again the host of another world’s first, as QR codes made out of sushi appeared among the displays. These edible barcodes were entirely functional, as they could be scanned by smartphone users. When users scanned the QR codes in their salmon bento boxes, they were able to view the entire story of sustainability that was associated with the sushi that they were eating. This artistic presentation…

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