QR Code Detective: Is your mobile marketing campaign up to the challenge?

QR code magazine frustrated

Our barcode investigators looked at the evidence and found that many promotions are falling flat. A QR code can be a powerful tool for reaching consumers in a simple, convenient and highly cost effective way – providing that this mobile barcode is used properly. However, all too many campaigns are giving quick response codes a bad name by using them incorrectly. Consumers don’t ask for much when it comes to campaigns based on barcodes. Primarily, they are looking for the answer to “what’s in it for me?” in order to…

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QR codes take center stage with Texas tourism ad

Travel Texas QR Codes

The state of Texas has dived into mobile marketing with quick response codes and its own apps. Texas is taking its tourism to the next level – that is, the mobile marketing level – by adding a range of new resources such as QR codes in magazine ads, and apps that are designed to help visitors to be able to get the most out of their experiences in the state. The quick response code was placed front and center in a full page ad in popular West Coast Sunset magazine. The magazine…

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