QR codes to grow more popular next year, according to AT&T survey

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A new survey from AT&T Mobility Solutions, the mobile branch of AT&T Inc., shows that stores may be getting more QR codes after the holiday season has come to an end. The company polled 500 of its business clients in order to gain insight on how popular QR codes are becoming amongst businesses. Of those surveyed, 88% had plans to adopt aggressive mobile marketing strategies next year. Most of these plans involved QR codes in some way. AT&T believes that the codes will become more common place next year. Consumer…

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QR Code is charting strong growth in mobile marketing arena

A growing number of companies around the world are using QR codes to connect the digital and physical worlds. When scanned, they take users to mobile sites set up to provide consumers with a dynamic experience. The codes can only hold 2-3 kilobytes of data, but that is generally more than enough to make them highly valuable for businesses looking for an edge in the robust mobile marketing industry. The codes are not technically new. They were developed in 1994 by Japanese based Denso Wave Inc., a subsidiary of Toyota.…

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