QR codes are still central to Starbucks mobile payments

qr code edible starbucks

Even though Apple Pay is now accepted through the coffee chain’s mobile app, the quick response codes remain. The highly popular Starbucks mobile app recently announced that it was compatible with Apple Pay, but it will still take some time before the coffee chain accepts those payments in store, so users will be able to continue with the familiar method of scanning QR codes at the checkout counter in order to use their smartphones to pay for their purchases. The app update is being slowly rolled out by Starbucks to…

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LevelUp follows an example left by Starbucks concerning mobile payments and businesses

LevelUp Mobile Payments with QR Codes

LevelUp, a mobile payment platform for smart phones and other mobile devices, has re-launched one of its most popular services. The service was once built to track deals and bargains offered by local retailers in any given area. LevelUp chose to discontinue the service because it did not mesh well with the platform at the time. Now, however, the company has taken a new approach to developing a new system, one that is based loosely on a model being used by Starbucks. Starbucks’ mobile payment system uses an app that…

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