Starbucks mobile payments make up 1 in 4 transactions

starbucks mobile payments

One quarter of all purchases made at the coffee chain are completed through the use of smartphones. Starbucks mobile payments currently compose 25 percent of transactions made with the café giant. This figure takes into account the purchases made across the United States. It does not represent the statistics from other Starbucks locations around the globe. The Mobile Order and Pay transactions had made up a considerable 6 percent of the total. In September, that figure for Mobile Order and Pay transactions rose to 7 percent. This helps to further…

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Starbucks mobile payments to launch in China

Starbucks mobile payments card

The coffee giant has finally announced its intentions to expand its smartphone based experience in China. The Seattle-based coffee giant will finally be launching its Starbucks mobile payments in China. This expansion of its digital features has been long anticipated within that tremendous market. This will make it possible for customers to pay for orders using their smartphones. They will also be able to collect My Starbucks Rewards. The company announced the availability of this mobile commerce experience for over 2,200 Chinese locations. In a press release, Starbucks China president,…

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Starbucks leads the way in mobile commerce success

starbucks outside mobile commerce

Starbucks has found profit in engaging mobile consumers Starbucks is quickly becoming the shining example of what can be accomplished through a focus on mobile commerce. The company has been growing more mobile-centric recently in order to engage a changing generation of consumers that have begun to rely more on their mobile devices in order to shop for and purchase products. In the retail space, smartphone users are finding that mobile commerce services have provided them with a more convenient way to shop, and Starbucks is looking to take advantage…

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QR codes are still central to Starbucks mobile payments

qr code edible starbucks

Even though Apple Pay is now accepted through the coffee chain’s mobile app, the quick response codes remain. The highly popular Starbucks mobile app recently announced that it was compatible with Apple Pay, but it will still take some time before the coffee chain accepts those payments in store, so users will be able to continue with the familiar method of scanning QR codes at the checkout counter in order to use their smartphones to pay for their purchases. The app update is being slowly rolled out by Starbucks to…

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Starbucks continues its dominance of the mobile payments space

Starbucks Mobile Payments App

Starbucks continues to find success with its mobile initiatives Starbucks has become more ambitious with its plans for mobile payments. The company has established itself as a leader in the North American mobile commerce space and intends to solidify this lead by becoming more mobile-friendly in the coming months. According to Starbucks, its customers make a purchase on a smartphone 7 million times every week, on average. The company notes that 16% of all in-store transactions come from mobile devices. Company combines loyalty program with mobile payments platform to great…

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