Mobile marketing engagement loves free coffee offers

texting mobile marketing trends

Starbucks has now launching a new campaign in time for the holiday shopping season. When it comes to success in the smartphone based experience, Starbucks has always been the ultimate example of how to do things properly, and that café giant is now launching a mobile marketing campaign that will represent something totally new for the company. Traditionally, Starbucks pushes gift cards throughout the length of the holiday shopping season. This year, they are taking their push for gift cards a step further through the use of mobile marketing by…

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Mobile payments still going strong at Starbucks

Starbucks Mobile Payments App

Two years after its app was first launched, the company still leads in smartphone transactions. Two years ago, Starbucks launched its smartphone app for mobile payments, and while it got started with a bang, it has continued its successes and maintains its position as the unchallenged leader in transactions made over smartphones. This success is true from virtually every angle, from volume to frequency of use, and even user experience. The Starbucks mobile payments app has set the standard to be achieved by any other entrant to the marketplace. That…

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Mobile marketing campaign from Starbucks loved by consumers

Starbucks Card Mobile commerce payments App

Smartphone users were drawn into locations across the country to earn their e-gifts. Starbucks brought in a new 12 Star Dash mobile marketing promotion that used points incentives to encourage coffee drinkers to download and use its app in order to earn e-gifts. The promotion was highly popular and ran from August 27 right through September 9. Throughout the promotion, Starbucks customers entered into a race to attempt to ear twelve stars within the designated promotion period. When enough stars were accumulated, they received a $5 digital gift. In order…

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Starbucks leads globe in mobile payments

Starbucks Mobile commerce

The mobile payment application from Starbucks is helping the coffee company to encourage consumers to make purchases more frequently and is helping its revenue growth. Starbucks revealed this information by way of a company executive during a statement about its first quarter 2012 earnings. The exec indicated that mobile payments now pay a very important role for the organization. It was explained that the additional transaction method helps to provide the company with a competitive advantage that drives revenue. The Starbucks president and CEO, Howard Schultz, said that “We are…

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Starbucks rules over the m-commerce world

Starbucks cashless store Mobile Marketing

Since the initial launch of the Starbucks app in January 2011, its rate of mobile transactions through smartphones has doubled, and has broken the 26 million mark. These figures mean that the café chain has surpassed all of the more obvious mobile leaders, including Google, PayPal, eBay, Visa, and MasterCard. According to a press release by the company, within the last nine weeks alone, mobile devices were used by Starbucks customers in order to complete approximately 6 million transactions, which is an increase of three million transactions over the first…

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