Mobile payments may be coming to Facebook Messenger

Facebook mobile payments

Computer science student stumbles upon a hidden feature in Facebook Messenger Mobile payments support  may be coming to Facebook Messenger. Andrew Aude, a computer science student at Stanford University, has used an iOS application exploration developer tool called Cycript to uncover a feature in the popular messaging app. The app seems to have the ability to facilitate friend-to-friend payments, which would allow it to serve as a mobile commerce platform for Facebook. The social networking company has been interested in mobile commerce for some time, but has only recently begun…

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Wearable technology discovery makes brain implants possible

wearable technology tiny implant

A new research breakthrough has found a way to power devices so that they can be made much smaller. A new breakthrough has been made by researchers at Stanford University which could completely change the way that we think about wearable technology, because it will be possible to create it in much smaller devices. A new way of powering these tiny little gadgets can make it possible for them to be embedded in the body. Depending on the purpose, it could be used for mhealth, tracking, or something else, and…

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Coursera aims to make learning interactive

Augmented Reality Mobile Learning

New company to provide more options for students Educators have been working to make leaning more interactive as technology begins to play a larger role in so many lives. Two Stanford University professors have taken the concept of interactive education seriously, founding a company called Coursera. The new company aims to revolutionize education by providing students with more interactive options online through the use of new technologies. Through the company, the two professors will work to bring some of the best courses from the world’s most prestigious universities to students…

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Famed tennis tournament to be seen in a new dimension with the help of augmented reality

Bank of the West Classic 2010

This is a repost with official corrections made: Bank of the West, California’s 5th largest bank, has teamed with CrowdOptic, a new technology company based in Silicon Valley. The partnership was announced last month as part of the Bank of the West Classic event, the longest running women’s tennis tournament in the world. It will be held at Stanford University this year and will be one of the venues for the Olumpus U.S. Open Series. CrowdOptic has been selected to develop a new “fan-friendly” mobile application that will use augmented…

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