How to Use QR Codes on the Road

QR Code Billboard Helps Business

QR codes are a marketing technique used on everything from magazine pages to product labels to T-shirts. They’re a great – and simple – way to get consumers to engage with brands on mobile devices. These Quick Response Codes allow brands to link to digital content from a non-digital medium. All the consumer has to do is scan the code with their mobile device to be transported automatically. QR codes aren’t new – but brands are beginning to use them in new ways. To keep up with consumers everywhere, brands are turning…

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Tesco launches new campaign powered by augmented reality to bring savings to shoppers

QR codes and Augmented Reality Campaign for Tesco

Tesco, the UK’s largest grocery retail chain, is continuing their foray into the digital realm on the heels of their outdoor virtual grocery store in South Korea. The company has developed a new mobile application that will be used with their latest outdoor marketing campaign. The campaign, titled “Big Price Drop,” will encourage consumers to participate in lowering the price of more than 3,000 products sold at various locations in the Tesco chain. Consumers may find this particular campaign more engaging than what they may be used to because Tesco…

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Nokia unveils Perks paperless coupon service

Nokia technology news

Nokia has announced that it has been secretly working on a new paperless coupons service called Nokia Perks, which will offer mobile phone users discounts that will be redeemable with a near-field communications (NFC) chip. The company has already been developing this service in order to draw smart shoppers through a variety of different savings opportunities. The concept is comparable to Groupon by Google, in that it will permit customers to benefit from the offers directly through their mobile devices. Perks is completely paperless and allows consumers to search for…

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Three stages of mobile marketing, Part II: A campaign in motion

Robert Half Website Preview

Jobseekers have begun using QR codes as a way to stand out to potential employers. As mobile technology becomes an integral part of everyday life, new ways to use these technologies are constantly being discovered. Robert Half, a member of the S&P 500 and one of the world’s leading specialized staffing firms, attended this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, where they used QR codes to promote their services. We were able to get in touch with Lars Asbjornsen, vice president of online marketing and recruiting for Robert Half International,…

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Cheap ways to advertise your business

Advertising can be expensive, making it less and less appealing, especially to the small business owner. They’ve been hard hit by this passing recession and are finding themselves unwilling to commit a significant amount of their budget to costly outdoor advertisements, many hoping that word of mouth will suffice. A Chicago-based company is looking to change that, however, by providing reasonably priced advertising through the use of QR. was launched to cater to small and medium businesses who must advertise to bring in traffic but unable to do so…

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