QR codes used for active learning travel workbook in South Korea

QR codes learning

Breeze & Bridge has announced the creation of a new smartphone and tablet friendly education experience. Breeze & Bridge Co. Ltd. has just announced the upcoming launch of its active learning travel workbook in South Korea that uses QR codes to enhance the educational experience that will become available this week. The release of this latest workbook follows three months after another success with the barcodes. The new product edition will become available on August 23, three months after the first launch of their QR’s Jolly – Gyeongju, which successfully…

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QR codes in Seoul sidewalks and subways provide visitor assistance

South Korea qr codes

These South Korean quick response barcodes provide help such as a handy guide to the commuter trains. The city of Seoul, South Korea is using mobile technology in the form of QR codes in order to make itself more friendly to tourists, who can now use their smartphones and tablets to obtain visitor information such as the most recent subway guide. These barcodes were already being added to the now hyper famous neighborhood of Gangnam. The QR codes from the neighborhood made globally recognizable by PSY’s tremendously famous song are…

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E-Mart takes a new approach to mobile marketing using the sun and shadows

qr codes shadow used to bring in customers

QR codes could be a useful sales tool In the world of marketing, QR codes have become a useful tool. Many advertisers have begun to utilize the codes in an effort to reach out to mobile consumers. These endeavors have been somewhat successful, though consumers have shown only mild interest in scanning QR codes. Despite the apparent wariness amongst many consumers, some retailers believe that the codes could be used to drive sales. In South Korea, this notion seems to be correct. E-Mart creates shadow QR code E-Mart, South Korea’s…

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