Mhealth app could provide meaningful medical assistance

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A new application designed by two doctors from South Africa could help with patient assessments. Two doctors have created an mhealth app that has been designed to help overburdened and over-stressed nurses and EMS healthcare workers to be able to better assess the needs of patients in South Africa emergency centers. The doctors, from Cape Town, are named Yaseen Khan and Mohammed Dalwai, from the Open Medicine Project of South Africa. Their mhealth application has been named the “Mobile Triage App” and it has been created so that emergency medical…

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Retail mobile payments in South Africa are leading the way

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These shops are at the head of the crowd on a worldwide scale in terms of enabling the technology. Although the dream of retail mobile payments is only barely just getting started in North America and is seeing considerable resistance from consumers and stores, alike, this is not the case in South Africa, where merchants are leading the way for receiving transactions through the use of smartphones. Among the largest obstacles that this technology had previously seen was the complexity of its nature. However, today, the technology for placing credit…

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