Social media trends show LOL is virtually dead

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Recent research has shown that emoji, “haha” and “hehe” have taken down the laughing short form. Although LOL used to be an extremely popular way of expressing that a statement was considered to be very funny, when it comes to the latest social media trends, it looks as though the usage of that shorthand has dropped into near nothingness. It should be noted that this research was specific to Facebook and did not include other social networks. Moreover, research also did not take texts or messenger program communication into account.…

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Mobile commerce is growing in Latin America

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Report highlights the potential of the Latin American market The mobile payments market in Latin America is expected to see explosive growth in the coming years. A recent report from Pyramid Research shows that Latin America is becoming a very attractive mobile market, which is attracting the attention of prominent companies that have an interest in the mobile space. Mobile subscriptions throughout the region have risen to 735 million, with 62% of all mobile devices being sold in the market being smartphones. Latin America is becoming an attractive home to…

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Social media marketing research shows age and networks used are linked

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A recent study has revealed that a person’s age helps to determine the networks that they will use. The results of a new social media marketing study conducted by ComScore has shown that the social network mobile app on which an individual spends the most amount of time can help to reveal his or her age. When it comes to the youngest demographic, the network app most likely to be used was Snapchat. Social media marketing firms may find it interesting that in the United States, 71 percent of Snapchat…

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Social media marketing finds its place at the Sochi Olympics

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Olympians and sponsors have been using Facebook and Twitter more than in any previous games. Though the social media marketing efforts of big brands may have faced some massive struggles before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi were able to get started, the top networks have still been heavily employed by the athletes and the sponsors now that the games are nearing a close. In fact, the trends have turned around as many have used their accounts to great benefit. Beyond the record breaking number of Tweets and Facebook posts…

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