Social media marketing spending over mobile will reach $200 billion

mobile Social media marketing

This forecast is expected to be reached by 2017 according to a report that was released this week. Strategy Analytics has just issued a report which details its forecasts regarding spending on consumer social media marketing over mobile, and that it will increase from the $161 billion that it reached last year to $200 billion by 2017. The amounts included in the data and the forecasts include a number of different forms of content consumption. The mobile social media marketing spending in the report was making reference to the content…

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Social media marketing could be reaching the saturation point

Social Media Marketing

A new Mindshare report has suggested that within the next two years, this channel may present challenges. A new industry forecast has just been released by Mindshare, which has revealed that over the next two years, it is likely that advertisers and marketers will find that they are challenged by saturation in the area of social media marketing. This is being predicted as a tremendous amount of consumer data is suddenly being produced in digital media. The prediction stated that as mobile becomes one of the leading areas through which…

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