Social media marketing data skewed by click farms

social media marketing data - click farms

The bogus figures from these techniques has caused success rates to appear inflated. Everyone from brands to celebrities and from politicians to the U.S State Department have been using offshore “click farms” in order to boost their social media marketing data with likes on Facebook, viewers on YouTube, and followers on Twitter. This has caused the numbers in terms of popularity to appear to be notably higher than they would otherwise be. Since the launch of Facebook nearly a decade ago, marketing over this channel has become an increasingly important…

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Social media marketing campaigns are seeing important gains

mobile social media marketing

The results of the various efforts this year are starting to produce figures as to their successes. A company called FrogAds has just released the results regarding the achievements of the social media marketing campaigns that it has had in place since June of this year, and they have produced some figures that could help to shape the decisions made for next year’s campaigns. That company has been rated by Alexa as being in the 130,600 spot after Craigslist. Craigslist is currently ranked by Alexa in the 43rd position. The…

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