Social media marketing brings massive climate change awareness

UN video climate change social media marketing

A single, well made, 3 minute video shown to the U.N. has now gone viral among international viewers. While the jury is still out about whether or not social media marketing is a highly effective way to reach consumers and spread a message, a three minute video that was shown to more than 120 world leaders at the United Nations is making a difference for climate change in a viral way online. The story gets even better as it is revealed that the creator of the film has never done…

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Social media marketing anti campaign pushes 99 Facebook free days

Facebook downvote social media marketing

A new movement is growing that is encouraging people to sign off for ninety nine straight days. The “99 Days of Freedom” project has now begin as an experiment in the promotion of happiness, which is effectively working as an anti social media marketing campaign that is encouraging people to give up their use of Facebook for ninety nine consecutive days. The relationship that users of the social network have with it appears to be quite a love-hate connection. While most users do access it quite regularly, this doesn’t mean…

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Social media marketing campaign, #BringBackOurGirls spreads the message worldwide

Michelle Obama Social media marketing #bringbackourgirls

This effort has allowed the issue to be brought to the attention of millions of people around the globe. Although the traditional strategy for drawing the public eye to a devastating issue on the other side of the globe is to hold awareness events and post emotional pictures, the social media marketing campaign involving the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag has shown, once more, that Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other networks can also be exceptionally powerful performers. Last month, over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped, and now the world is watching. Armed militants…

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Social media marketing success seen by insurance company in Thailand

Social Media Marketing Thai Life Insurance Company

Thai Life Insurance company has managed to warm our hearts and advertise worldwide. The Thai Life Insurance company has brought a heartwarming new ad that has turned a social media marketing campaign geared toward southeast Asia into a viral video that has people sobbing in front of their computer screens around the world. The “Unsung Hero” video from the company has been viewed by millions of people worldwide. The videos that have been created for the social media marketing campaign have been designed to be touching and inspiring while promoting…

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Social media marketing raises £2 million for cancer research in 2 days

#nomakeupselfie social media marketing

This was all accomplished with a single hash tag #nomakeupselfie, which went viral. Cancer Research UK has benefited social media marketing at its very best and has managed to raise £2 million in a period of only 48 hours after its viral campaign began, centered around the #nomakeupselfie hashtag that included pictures which were being posted by women. Though the charity was not the creator of the craze, itself, it was certainly the benefactor. Through the power of social media marketing, over 800,000 donations were sent to Cancer Research UK…

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