NM Incite studies the increasing discussions concerning QR codes online

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Social media intelligence firm NM Incite has taken an interest in QR codes. Though QR codes are nothing new, having been developed more than a decade ago, they have only recently been getting more attention from marketers. This attention shot QR codes into the limelight, and consumers around the world have been encouraged to make use of the codes in some way. Because the codes are so easy to use, they have a wide appeal to several industries. The codes have become very popular with businesses, but NM Incite claims…

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Jennings Social Media Marketing launches new QR code and SMS service

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Jennings Social Media Marketing has announced the launch of a new service that will help clients engage mobile consumers through the use of QR codes and SMS messaging. The number of people with smart phones is growing quickly, making it more important for companies to adopt mobile marketing strategies. Jennings, along with other marketing agencies, believes that QR codes are one of the best ways to engage mobile consumers and the new service will give clients hands-on experience with the mobile barcodes. For companies interested in adopting QR codes, Jennings…

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Study shows that digital marketers are unsatisfied with currently available tools

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According to a survey held by Web Liquid, a digital marketing agency based in New York, digital marketers are recognizing the value of social media monitoring, but are not fully satisfied with the tools available to get the job done. Social media marketing is already known to be highly important, with 74 percent of marketers making an effort to track online conversations held by consumers regarding their brands. The survey included the participation of 237 marketers at the senior level, among whom 95 percent believed that consumer conversations online over…

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