Games can now use the new mobile news feed at Facebook as a viral channel

Facebook mobile commerce

There was a time that game companies at Facebook would draw a broader number of users through the news feeds of the gamers… which distributed the message to non-gamers, and though this channel was cut back, the social media company has now announced that it is using the mobile news feed to test game stories. Until now, game companies have been forced to use paid marketing techniques and actual word of mouth (as opposed to its digital equivalent) in order to grow their user numbers. However, this reinstatement of the…

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eBay gives PayPal mobile a boost through purchase of Zong

Ebay m-commerce News

eBay has purchased Zong, the mobile payment provider, to give PayPal’s mobile commerce position a significant boost.  Zong’s purchase price was $240 million, and eBay intends to use it to connect to Zong’s tremendous 250 wireless carriers and 3.2 billion users.  Consumers are already using Zong in order to make purchases simply by using their mobile telephone numbers.  This allows the mobile payment service to verify the transaction so that it can add the charge to the mobile service bill of the shopper.  Zong is already well recognized by gamers…

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