New AR social app to revolutionize photo sharing among friends

AR socila app - person taking picture with smartphone

Winsche Studios has announced the upcoming launch of its doRRtal app. The augmented reality (AR) developer will be launching an AR social app called doRRtal. The new social media app will be equipped with the ability to enable smartphone users to take 360 degree photos and share these with their friends. The AR social media app will allows users to use their phone as a “door” they can walk through. The unique augmented reality approach lets users create, share and view fully immersive 360 degree photos on their smartphones and…

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Reality TV comes to smartphone’s with new FameGame app

FameGame App - Teen using smartphone

Become a star with new mobile app that’s a TV show on your phone. The new FameGame app from CrowdAmp Inc. is a live gamified and social engagement platform that functions like live reality TV on a smartphone. Users compete in challenges, submit their talents and vote on their favorites. The challenges are different each week. For instance, one challenge might be about dance skills while another might be about lip-synching. Users who wish to take part in the contests, submit self-shot smartphone videos of their talents. After the initial…

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New Snapchat feature makes location sharing less invasive

New Snapchat Feature - Social media - smartphone

The social media app now lets users send real-time locations to a friend. Snapchat has just made location sharing more intimate for its iOS and Android users with a new Snapchat feature that allows users to send their ongoing real-time location to a friend or request their friend’s location in return. This information shows up within the user’s message thread and on their Snap Map. Snap Map had a turbulent start. Launched last June, Snap Map became known for its controversial location-tracking functions. Snap Map made users wary because it…

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Snapchat QR codes meet their rival in Instagram Nametags

Instagram Nametag Feature - QR Codes - Instagram Mobile, Smartphone

Facebook’s image sharing social platform is launching scannable codes made of special images. Instagram Nametags are on their way. The image based social network is providing a rival to Snapchat’s QR codes. The feature will let users create special images that users can scan with the Instagram Stories camera. The idea behind the Instagram Nametags is to make it quick, easy and convenient for users to follow someone. The original announcement of the unique QR codes was made by TechCrunch. It happened last month when TechCrunch found it in Instagram’s…

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Apple Watch Instagram app no longer available

Apple Watch Instagram - Apple Watch Apps

Users of the popular image based social media app will need to turn back to their iPhones again. A new iOS update has quietly eliminated the Apple Watch Instagram app from devices. The iPhone maker recently implemented a new mobile app requirement. The social network’s application appears not to have met that requirement. The iOS updating system triggered the removal of the photo sharing social app from the smartwatch. The Apple Watch Instagram app removal is not the only instance of the smartwatch losing options. This most recent loss was…

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Facebook Lite mobile app launched

facebook messenger mobile commerce internet

The most popular social network has now lightened up its central application for better functionality. The most popular social network in the world has now slimmed down its main mobile app and has launched Facebook Lite, in order to provide a lighter and more agile version of its experience, for improved function and less data consumption. This is being seen as a component of the social network’s effort to remain accessible throughout emerging markets. In those markets, the majority of users who have smartphones are using entry-level devices. The new…

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iPhone mobile commerce app from Dinamundo released

QR Codes Scanner App

Encourages smartphone users to check in with their friends using a social media app. Dinamundo has just released its latest mobile commerce social media app, which is encouraging users to make more face to face connections, instead of the more typical efforts to connect with locations. These real world links come with a reward of comedy for smartphone owners. Eric Blanchford, known as the former CEO of Expedia, is the founder of Dinamundo, and this new QR code scanner app has now been launched through the funding of premier early…

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Hy-Vee mobile app allows grocery consumers to go use their devices to shop

Hy-Vee Mobile Shopping App

Midwestern supermarket chain, Hy-Vee, is now offering its supermarket shoppers a mobile app that is designed to help to make the shopping experience more social, easier, and faster. This app, designed for smartphones, provides a number of different interactive features that can assist shoppers in creating lists, planning and preparing meals, and obtaining access to information from the store as well as its pharmacy, and more. Among the apps features are the following: • Find products – the app is customized by store location, and provides a product locator that…

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Android app uses NFC to boost participation in cultural exhibits

NFC Android app

Visitors that went to the STRP Festival – one of the top art and technology events in Europe – had the ability to use near field communication (NFC) enabled smartphones for enhanced interaction with the cultural exhibits. Through the use of an app, Android-based smartphones gave visitors the chance to use an exhibited artwork to obtain detailed information simply by tapping it over one of the NFC tags. This triggers a digital voice message. The mobile app also let its users decide how much they “love” a particular piece of…

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Radisson launches new social media marketing campaign driven by QR codes

Radisson Edwardian Hotel Chain QR Code Campaign

  Social media is universally recognizable. More people are connected to some form of social network than ever before, partly due to the expansion of mobile technology. The extreme popularity of social media sites has never been more apparent to businesses that are beginning to adapt to a changing world, both socially and technologically. Now social networks have become a popular venue for marketing campaigns, particularly those looking to capitalize on interactivity through the use of QR codes. Radisson Edwardian, a prominent hotel chain in the UK, is one such…

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