Twitter takeover to go forward after all, suggests Elon Musk

Twitter takeover - Twitter Logo

As the social media platform’s court date against the Tesla CEO approaches, he’s changed tacks. Technology news reports are showing that billionaire Elon Musk has changed his mind about backing out on his Twitter takeover and now intends to go ahead with it. The social media company’s shares spiked by 12.7 percent on the news of Musk’s decision. When Musk made an offer to purchase the San Francisco-based company for $54.20 per share, share prices immediately took off by nearly 13 percent, reaching $47.95 before the trading was stopped. Elon…

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YouTube dislike button barely has any impact on recommendations

YouTube dislike button

The “not interested” feature also does not have much of an impact on the recommended videos. A recent Mozilla study has shown that feedback tools such as the YouTube dislike button and “not interested” feature do not have much – if any – impact on the video recommendations a user receives on their homepage. Mozilla recently published their findings that the feedback tools barely work at all. Though the feedback tools might provide creators with some added information about what their audiences like, in terms of the recommendation algorithm, the…

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Instagram Daily Time Limit option minimum quietly triples

Daily Time Limit - Instagram

The Meta photo-sharing social platform just made it impossible to restrict usage to under 30 minutes. At a time when Meta has been reporting slowing growth on its platforms, it appears to have quietly tripled the Instagram minimum Daily Time Limit user-selected usage restrictions. Though the minimum amount of time that used to be available was 10 minutes, it is now 30 minutes. As a result, the Daily Time Limit won’t issue a reminder to Instagram users about their usage until at least a half hour has passed. In fact,…

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How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Small Business

Reviews play a crucial role for any business, especially for brand discovery, and must be a key consideration in your marketing efforts. Thus, improving your reviews is crucial if you’re running a small business and want to boost sales. Aside from making your business more credible to your target audience, it’ll also help improve revenue in no time.   Today, search engines utilize online reviews when deciding which businesses to rank in the local search results. It’s also necessary to gain better visibility for your business. Sadly, your business might end…

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Instagram for kids going ahead despite controversy, says Facebook

Instagram for Kids - Children using mobile phones

The social network has confirmed its plans to create a platform targeting children under 13 years old. This week, Facebook confirmed that it continues to plan to create an Instagram for kids 13 years old and younger. The company is going ahead with the plan even as lawmakers have been calling for it to step away from those intentions. At the same time, Facebook announced updates for addressing younger user safety on its platforms. The announcements regarding the Instagram for kids plans were made on the official Facebook blog. There,…

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