Mobile commerce grows among social media companies

Mobile commerce growth global world

Social media could have a major impact on mobile commerce this year Social media may propel mobile commerce to new heights this year.  Entrepreneur Jesse Pujji, CEO of Ampush, an advertising technology firm, believes that 2015 will be the year of mobile commerce. Throughout the world, e-commerce has been experiencing strong growth, powered heavily by the consumers that are shopping and paying for products with their smartphones and tablets. According to Pujji, approximately 64% of the time people spend on mobile devices is spent on social media platforms like Facebook…

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Facebook Lite mobile app launched

facebook messenger mobile commerce internet

The most popular social network has now lightened up its central application for better functionality. The most popular social network in the world has now slimmed down its main mobile app and has launched Facebook Lite, in order to provide a lighter and more agile version of its experience, for improved function and less data consumption. This is being seen as a component of the social network’s effort to remain accessible throughout emerging markets. In those markets, the majority of users who have smartphones are using entry-level devices. The new…

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Mobile tech HitchBOT robot to cross Germany

Hitchbot mobile technology devices news

After having made its way clear across Canada during the summer of 2014, the experiment is headed to Europe. A hitchhiking robot called the HitchBOT, that uses mobile tech to relay its progress back to its creators, was sent on a trip, last summer, and made its way from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, to Victoria, British Columbia. Now, in partnership with a German science television program, it will be headed to Europe for new adventures. Even though the HitchBOT uses mobile tech, it is actually a relatively simple and basic…

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Mobile app called Yik Yak linked to bullying and bomb threats

mobile app bullying

Concerns have been rising in schools with regards to this anonymous geographically specific comment wall. A mobile app called Yik Yak has been under fire over the last little while as a result of people who have been using it in order to bully others, as well as to go as far as to make bomb threats. The application, itself, is quite unique in that it allows people to post anonymously within a certain geographical area. The problems associated with the way that the mobile app has been used has…

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Mobile Technology is Changing the World

mobile marketing spending worldwide

Society has become heavily integrated with technology, perhaps irreversibly so. Many people now base their lives around technology, whether it be personal computers, televisions, or mobile devices. Mobile technology, in particular, has had a major impact on the world, especially in the way that people interact with one another. In some cases, the advent of smartphones has meant that people have had little need to interact with the people around them, but these devices have also given people access to the mobile Internet, allowing them to connect to millions of…

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Social media marketing options from Facebook open to all advertisers

social media marketing mobile commerce

The company has now announced that its “Audience Network” mobile ad platform to all developers and marketers. Facebook has now taken another leap in its mobile social media marketing businesses and is working to give its options and revenues through the channel accessed by smartphone and tablet users. This opens up yet another opportunity for mobile marketing firms interested in using Facebook to its fullest. Facebook’s Audience Network was first announced as a new tool for businesses to use social media marketing with ad targeting features that advertise more effectively…

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Social media marketing “Buy” button strategy tested by Facebook

Facebook social media mobile marketing buy button

The social network giant is trying out a new option to help its advertisers to increase their sales. Facebook has revealed that it is testing a new form of social media marketing on its platform, which includes an actual “Buy” button, which is designed to help businesses advertising over the network to be able to boost the sales that they are achieving from their efforts. This new feature will give members of the service the chance to buy products directly through the ads. The “Buy” button can be clicked in…

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What is Social Commerce?

social commerce media

Mobile commerce is at a stage where it is beginning to evolve and become better identified through the particular sectors in which it is thriving. In social media, the idea of engaging consumers that have become inseparable from their mobile devices has become a prime directive. Companies like Facebook and Twitter are making efforts to engage mobile consumers and they are managing to do this through social commerce. Social commerce is a concept that was devised by David Beisel to identify user-generated, advetorial content on e-commerce sites. Essentially, social commerce…

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Social media marketing helps Reading Rainbow Kickstarter reach record goal

reading rainbow levar burton social media marketing

The crowdfunding effort has now achieved the highest number of backers ever for that platform. The grassroots campaign that has made headlines and that spread wildly through social media marketing and sharing, with support from some of the biggest names from Kickstarter and celebrities across the entire spectrum in order to bring back Reading Rainbow in a mobile app format that will be free to classrooms in need across the United States, has now reached well beyond even its highest goals. After reaching its initial basic $1 million goal within…

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Social media marketing loves the Suarez bite scandal

social media marketing puma twitter fifa world cup

Adidas may have dropped the player and the World Cup has banned him, but companies are seizing the ad opportunity. When Luis Suarez bit an opponent at a World Cup game, earning the striker a four month ban and a loss of the Adidas ads in which he had been featured, the move did manage to please some people, as companies have been taking advantage of it in their social media marketing campaigns. Among the companies that have jumped on board the controversial advertising technique were McDonald’s and Netflix. The…

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