Snapchat mobile commerce speculations abound with PayPal integration

snapchat mobile commerce

The digital payment software was recently added to the social media platform’s (SDK). The rumor mill is hard at work with speculations of Snapchat mobile commerce possibilities. Engineers participating in the mobile app’s development recently integrated PayPal into the software development kit (SDK). The PayPal SDK could mean person to person or even mobile shopping opportunities on the social platform. This was originally reported by MightySignal, a mobile intelligence service. “Curiously, we noticed Snap recently installed the Paypal SDK, one of the most commonly used payment processing SDKs, in both…

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Shopify is first to use commerce side of Facebook’s social media marketing

Facebook social media mobile marketing buy button

The company has now become the initial user of the conversational shopping feature with Messenger integration. Shopify Inc. has now decided to lead the way when it comes to the upgraded commerce opportunity offered by Facebook’s social media marketing over its multi-channel cloud-based platform that has been created for small and medium sized businesses. It has now integrated with the new Facebook Messenger Platform for offering live customer support. It will also enhance social media marketing through push notifications and offer automatic order confirmations, shipping updates and a great deal…

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Mobile commerce is evolving with the help of social media

social media marketing mobile commerce

Social media companies are looking forward to the evolution of mobile payments Social media companies see a great deal of promise in the mobile commerce space, especially if it continues to become more personalized for consumers. The world of mobile commerce is beginning to evolve, with retailers and brands offering more personalized experiences to consumers. Facebook, Google, and Foursquare are all trying to deliver these experiences as seamlessly as possible in order to secure the growth of mobile commerce and its continued evolution. Facebook sees great promise in engaging with…

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Facebook expands partnership with Shopify to promote social commerce

Facebook marketing social media commerce

Companies to work together to make social commerce more prominent Facebook has expanded its partnership with Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, in order to allow users to use the social network to serve as a digital store. The social network has been working to find a foothold in the mobile commerce space for some years now, but has been unable to do so due to failed initiatives in the past. Facebook’s with Shopify, however, has proven to be relatively successful, thus far. Shopify Facebook Store will provide merchants with a…

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Facebook updates Pages to support mobile commerce

mobile commerce facebook social media marketing

Facebook has launched a new update for its Pages service Facebook is working to become more accommodating of small businesses by enabling them to engage mobile consumers. The company has announced a major update to its Pages service, which will allow small businesses to better compete in the mobile commerce space. The updates aim to facilitate better communication between small businesses and consumers, and improved interaction may improve the online shopping experience for consumers interested in purchasing products online. 1 billion Facebook users visit Pages every month According to Facebook,…

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Facebook continues with its mobile commerce initiatives

facebook messenger mobile commerce internet

WhatsApp will be integrated into Facebook mobile app Facebook will be integrating WhatsApp into its mobile application for Android devices. WhatsApp is a mobile messaging platform that Facebook acquired for $1 billion in 2014. The social media company has been showing more interest in the mobile space, establishing itself as a leader therein and taking note of the growing popularity of mobile commerce. WhatsApp integration is meant to augment Facebook’s other mobile initiatives, including a plan to launch a new service that will allow users to send money to one…

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Mobile commerce grows among social media companies

Mobile commerce growth global world

Social media could have a major impact on mobile commerce this year Social media may propel mobile commerce to new heights this year.  Entrepreneur Jesse Pujji, CEO of Ampush, an advertising technology firm, believes that 2015 will be the year of mobile commerce. Throughout the world, e-commerce has been experiencing strong growth, powered heavily by the consumers that are shopping and paying for products with their smartphones and tablets. According to Pujji, approximately 64% of the time people spend on mobile devices is spent on social media platforms like Facebook…

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Groupe and Twitter team to launch new mobile payments service

wallet qr code transactions mobile payments

Groupe has partnered with Twitter to launch a new money transfer service on the social network Groupe BPCE, one of France’s largest banks, has announced that it is partnering with Twitter in order to break into the mobile commerce space. A growing number of European financial institutions have been showing strong interest in mobile payments, and more are beginning to break into the mobile space in order to engage consumers in a more dynamic way. These organizations have taken note of the rising demand for mobile commerce services and are…

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Social media marketing strategies at Facebook and Twitter freshen up stale ads

Social Media Marketing

These two networks are working to come up with new ways to generate profit from their current successes. Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms are now working on enhancing their social media marketing experience so that they will be able to bring in greater profits based on their ability to successfully reach millions of consumers. Facebook already has over one billion users and it has been working very hard to boost its income via marketing. Twitter has been doing the same, with a notably greater focus on social media marketing much…

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Social media marketing at Twitter tests “buy” button

social media marketing

The network is testing out online and mobile commerce plans for the future with this new option. A tweet at Twitter could soon be much more than a short blip of communication or social media marketing, but it could also become a way for a consumer to be able to purchase what is being discussed. The social network is now testing out a new e- and m-commerce opportunity with a “buy”button. Though this is not being rolled out to the entire platform, just yet, the “buy” button is being tried…

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Facebook shows favor for feature with strong mobile commerce potential

Facebook mobile payments

Facebook is set to lay its Gifts service to rest in August Facebook has announced that it will be shutting down its Facebook Gifts service in August. This service had allowed the social network’s users to purchase and trade gift cards from businesses like Starbucks and Fandango. Shutting down the Gifts service will result in no layoffs, as those working on this service will have their attention refocused on Facebook’s Buy initiative. Earlier this month, Facebook unveiled the Buy Button, which is meant to promote mobile and e-commerce. Gifts is…

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