QR codes get a popularity boost from Snapchat

snapchat qr codes

For a while, quick response codes were starting to drift away from use, but this could bring them right back. For the last few years, QR codes have been moving in and out of favor with marketers, package designers, and consumers, alike, as they have been used well and have been used very badly, but now Snapchat has brought the barcodes back into use. The practicality of quick response codes is enormous, but there has been a great deal keeping them down. The misuse of QR codes has played an…

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Rumor suggests Google acquires Viewdle

Google News

Google may have acquired Viewdle, according to emerging rumor There is a rumor that Google has acquire Viewdle, an augmented reality startup specializing in facial recognition technology. According to the Russian branch of Forbes, Viewdle’s board of directors approved the company’s takeover by Google in a $30 million deal. Neither Viewdle nor Google have confirmed or denied the rumor, but if it is true, it could have serious implications for Google’s endeavors with augmented reality technology. Currently, the only thing backing the rumor is Google’s interest in both augmented reality…

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