QR codes get a popularity boost from Snapchat

snapchat qr codes

For a while, quick response codes were starting to drift away from use, but this could bring them right back. For the last few years, QR codes have been moving in and out of favor with marketers, package designers, and consumers, alike, as they have been used well and have been used very badly, but now Snapchat has brought the barcodes back into use. The practicality of quick response codes is enormous, but there has been a great deal keeping them down. The misuse of QR codes has played an…

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Snapchat uses QR codes to quickly add people as friends

Scan.me qr codes

The company’s recent acquisition of Scan.me has made it possible for these quick response codes to work. Recent reports have been made based on leaked emails during the recent hack at Sony that have revealed that Snapchat had acquired Scan.me, a startup company that provides the generation of QR codes, among other related features. Now, Snapchat has launched a new feature that it has called Snaptags, which allows barcodes to be scanned. Snaptags are designed to work as a type of unique form of QR codes that are generated for…

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QR codes may be dethroned by SnapTags

SnapTag QR Codes

SnapTags may serve as a powerful alternative to QR codes Despite criticism regarding their appearance, QR codes remain a powerful tool in the realm of marketing. Advertisers have shown favor for QR codes because of the codes’ ability to connect with consumers in a dynamic fashion. The codes are particularly effective at catching the attention of mobile consumers, those that use their mobile devices heavily in their daily lives. For many advertisers, and consumers, QR codes still represent a visual oddity, which can often impair their performance. As such, advertisers…

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Magazines are finding greater use of QR codes

QR Codes

Meredith Corp has announced that it will be joining the growing trend for magazine use of two dimensional barcodes, by adding Microsoft Tag as a standard advertising tool in its range of magazines. The company has already been using the barcodes in its publications such as Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens, and Family Circle, and its figures show that among the readers who scan the tag, between 10 and 20 percent will either view or use the ad in some way. That said, the actual number of individuals who…

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