QR codes lawsuit settled between SpyderLynk and NeoMedia

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The two companies have reached a settlement in the patent infringement suit. Two companies involved in a patent infringement lawsuit that had to do with QR codes software have reached a settlement in the case. The suit had to do with software designed for mobile phones in order to use barcodes. The two companies involved in the lawsuit are SpyderLynk LLC, which his based in Denver, and NeoMedia Technologies, Inc., which is based in Boulder. The latter has agreed to drop its claims of legal patent infringement against the former,…

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SpyderLynk uses QR code to help boost direct mail promotion from U.S. Postal Service


SnapTag users receive additional discount so smartphone consumers can shop directly. Leading marketing technology business, SpyderLynk, which was also the creator of the trademarked SnapTag (a barcode similar to a QR code), has announced that it will be taking part in the 2012 Mobile Commerce and Personalization Promotion from the U.S. Postal Service, through an offer of its Buy-it-Now Mobile Commerce barcodes within the consumer direct mailers throughout the summer months. This promotion by the Postal Service is meant to show that direct mail is still relevant to smartphone marketing.…

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L’Oréal reveals outcome of its New York taxi m-commerce campaign

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In an interview with Forbes magazine, the CMO of L’Oréal USA, Marc Speichert, the results of L’Oréal USA’s m-commerce campaign last month called “Shop the Look” have now been revealed. The campaign outfitted a number of New York City taxi cabs with “Taxi Shops”, throughout the Fashion Week in that city. The taxis were designed to allow smartphone using passengers to instantly purchase beauty products from the Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent lines. The campaign was created through a partnership between L’Oréal and Glamour magazine. For the five days, they…

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SpyderLynk introduces Snap-to-Buy mobile shopping solution for advertisers and publishers


Leading marketing technology firm, SpyderLynk, best known for its development of the SnapTag, has unveiled its latest release, the Snap-to-Buy technology that allows publishers and advertisers to integrate m-commerce into their traditional media ads. What Snap-to-Buy provides is the ability to use traditional media, such as print ads in magazines, to connect the consumer to social, mobile, and m-commerce arenas. This fully-customizable technology lets brand advertisers provide consumers with the chance to obtain additional information about a product being advertised, “like” it on Facebook, share information about it with friends,…

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