My AI Snapchat feature raises privacy red flags among users

My AI - Image of Snapchat App on phone

The new feature was launched at the end of February, but users aren’t feeling comfortable with it. Snapchat first launched its My AI feature on February 27, limiting the initial rollout of the artificial intelligence technology to certain subscribers. The feature provides app users with a chatbot experience using the same technology behind ChatGPT. Initially, My AI was introduced to Snapchat+ subscribers as an experimental feature. However, on April 19, the artificial intelligence chatbot was made available to all users, subscribers or not. Users and the chatbot have exchanged almost…

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Snapchat rolls out AI chatbot to all users

AI chatbot - Snapchat app

The tech, called MyAI, is not unlike the headline-making ChatGPT and initially saw a limited release. Snapchat has announced that the MyAI AI chatbot that had initially been available only to a limited number of users is now being rolled out to everyone. The service makes it possible to talk or collaborate creatively in a new way on the app. The GPT-powered AI chatbot is now being rolled out to all Snapchat users for free. This announcement was made at Snap’s yearly developer conference as the company seeks to carve…

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Social media stocks drop $135 billion following Snap profit warning

Social Media Stocks drop

The platform’s shares tanked by 43 percent following the announcement it made. Snap Inc. recently issued a profit warning, causing social media stocks to lose over $135 billion in market value. The sector is already struggling with halted user growth and worries over rate hikes. Following the announcement, Snap’s own shares fell by the largest intraday decline it ever experienced. In fact, the 43 percent dive the Snap share took brought it below its $17 initial public offering price from 2017. That selloff eliminated nearly $16 billion of the company’s…

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AR Experiences are on their way to local landmarks via Snap

AR Experiences - Augmented Reality

The social media giant has made a new move in letting users experience the augmented reality world. Snap has announced that it is making a new move into the world of augmented reality with AR experiences that will let local landmarks be converted into something entirely new. Creators will be able to use the feature to transform local landmarks into something different in the digital sphere. Yesterday, Snap unveiled its new software tool called Custom Landmarkers, which makes it possible for users to construct 3D models out of physical locations.…

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Snapchat mental health feature to provide interventions to vulnerable users

Snapchat mental health - SnapChat mobile phone

The Here For You tool will offer users with applicable content from experts in mental wellness. A new Snapchat mental health tool is launching. It is called Here For You. It will offer users “safety resources” from mental health experts if a user conducts a search for certain sensitive topics. Among the search subjects that can trigger the feature include depression, anxiety, bullying and suicide. The company announced the launch of the Snapchat mental health tool earlier this week. The goal is to support its users during vulnerable times in…

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