How will mobile effect the presidential campaign in 2012

US Political Mobile Media Campaign

Among the strongest elements Obama’s 2008 election campaign was the fact that it used innovative and unique new techniques that applied technology to raise funds from large corporations such as CommerceTel Corp., as well as Verizon Communications, Walt Disney, and other U.S. giants. By using these methods to their fullest for the 2012 campaign, Obama should be able to raise $1 billion this time around. This is because campaigns that embrace the potential that technology has to offer will have a notable advantage over its competition. In the last election,…

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Auto Accessory Warehouse uses text messaging to drive sales

Mobile Advertising trends

San Bernardino, California-based auto accessory retailer, Auto Accessory Warehouse, has come upon notable marketing successes by using text messages to boost its sales. In fact, the original text message marketing blast in its campaign brought in more than $5000 in new purchases as a return on investment on an advertising bill under $175. This meant that the return was worth an astounding 2800 percent. Auto Accessory Warehouse owner, Mike Kazi decided on mobile text messaging when he was seeking a new form of advertising that would be more effective than…

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UK charity provides young people in crisis with support through SMS

SMS Marketing

[email protected], a charity that provides young people in crisis with support when they are considering running away, has partnered with Txtlocal, a top UK communications and mobile marketing company to provide additional services using SMS. [email protected] offers a number of services that range from crisis intervention to prevention. They required a new method that would allow at-risk young people to access their services easily and inexpensively, and SMS was the clear choice. Young people can now use the award winning Txtlocal control panel to send text messages to the [email protected]

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Asian marketers are getting the most out of SMS techniques

Asia Mobile Marketing

Though there are many different mobile marketing techniques being used throughout Asia, from games to apps, it is SMS that is reaching virtually every person with a cell phone, regardless of the model. Some experts are starting to think that brands in the west can learn from this lesson when they launch their Asian mobile marketing campaigns. For example, director of international media Gavin Mehrotra, from Coca Cola Company stated at the MMA Forum in Singapore,that the top priority for mobile at Coca Cola is SMS, as its reception from…

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SMS marketing campaign tips

SMS Marketing Campaign

Many businesses are looking into SMS or text message marketing as an avenue for their mobile marketing campaigns. Did you know that even an individual can set up an SMS campaign? Text messaging can be used for more than just business advertising. Texting can be used for charities, social change, education or support for a cause. Before starting a texting campaign you should have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish and who your target audience will be. If it’s a big campaign, you should look at your…

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Sumotext releases top tips to sms marketing

Mobile Marketing

Sumotext Corporation, a leading provider of short code SMS gateway applications, has revealed their article “Top 10 Attributes of a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign” has been included in Mobile Marketer’s yearly production of “Classic Guide to Mobile Creative.” Sumotext is the leading platform to control SMS marketing through short codes. Their self-service platform is trusted by leading companies, agencies and non-profits. They primarily support and enhance a self-serve platform that their client’s can access online and control SMS marketing and SMS giving programs via short codes. Timothy Miller, the President…

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A mobile marketing responsibility in security grows among industry professionals

SMS Mobile Marketing

There has been a lot of news about mobile technology lately. The big push for a mobile payments system and NFC technology has been an issue for months now. But, while we look at all the great things that mobile technology can do for us, we must also look at the increasing rise in mobile spam, viruses and other fraudulent activity. One of the main concerns among all mobile users has been security. Several companies have been addressing this issue with research into developing an adequate security system for mobile…

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SMS marketing tactics taken to the next level

Social Photo Mobile Sharing

Research analysts say texting is a unique marketing avenue because of its wide reach and simplicity. Merchants should personalize marketed text messages, but also follow good practices and send a lot of what could be considered spam. Enlisting the help of a vendor would be best, due to laws regarding spam, but past that it is pretty straight forward. According to a wireless industry trade group, more than 3.5 billion texts are sent and received every day. More than 97 percent of text or SMS marketing messages are opened; of…

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