A mobile marketing responsibility in security grows among industry professionals

SMS Mobile Marketing

There has been a lot of news about mobile technology lately. The big push for a mobile payments system and NFC technology has been an issue for months now. But, while we look at all the great things that mobile technology can do for us, we must also look at the increasing rise in mobile spam, viruses and other fraudulent activity. One of the main concerns among all mobile users has been security. Several companies have been addressing this issue with research into developing an adequate security system for mobile…

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SMS marketing tactics taken to the next level

Social Photo Mobile Sharing

Research analysts say texting is a unique marketing avenue because of its wide reach and simplicity. Merchants should personalize marketed text messages, but also follow good practices and send a lot of what could be considered spam. Enlisting the help of a vendor would be best, due to laws regarding spam, but past that it is pretty straight forward. According to a wireless industry trade group, more than 3.5 billion texts are sent and received every day. More than 97 percent of text or SMS marketing messages are opened; of…

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