The market for wearable technology could soon include 385 million people

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If the wearables market does grow as many expect it will, it could potentially alter the way we “consume and use information”. Erinn Murphy and Christof Fischer, of the bank and asset firm, Piper Jaffray, recently released a note to clients that stated that “wearable technology will be the next generation of devices to transform how individuals consume and use information.” While the adoption of smartwatches has not been a rapid one, wearable tech as a whole has been taking off. The note indicated that it may not be long…

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Scientists use WiFi to send electricity to wearable technology

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This technology has the potential to provide meaningful charging to batteries of smartwatches and smartglasses. Among the latest breakthroughs in wearable technology has been one that has involved the use of WiFi in order to send electricity into mobile devices and wearables such as smartwatches, fitness bands, and even smartglasses. The scientists were able to experiment with WiFi antennas to the point that they were able to power up small devices. They used ambient signals to power the wearable technology. In order to keep a steadier flow, they combined the…

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The latest Android Wear update includes important new features

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Among the additions to the wearable technology platform include WiFi and gestures. Although the Apple Watch may be in the wearable technology spotlight at the moment, Android Wear has just released an important update that could draw the attention back to smartwatches based on its platform. Google recently announced some new updates for its wearable tech platform that decrease dependency on smartphones. For example, the Android wear update will be giving devices WiFi support, so that they won’t need to rely as heavily on being paired with smartphones all the…

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Smartwatch technology from IBM could link patients to doctors

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This future trend is based on the current popularity of wearable technology particularly for tracking health and fitness. The current situation appears to be that many people are wearing a fitness tracker or a smartwatch in order to monitor their activity level, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and other factors, and there are many doctors who could gain a better understanding of their patients’ needs through with that data, but there are few connections between them. IBM has announced that it will be working with several companies in order to…

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Wearable technology may enhance physical strength of an aging population

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Though we’ve hardly reached the level of Iron Man, the most recent exoskeleton tech could make someone stronger. At the moment, the most common forms of wearable technology are worn on the wrist in the form of fitness trackers and smartwatches, or even on the face as smartglasses and headsets, but a new type of exoskeleton tech is now suggesting that simple devices could one day be worn in order to boost physical strength. The design of those wearables would be such that they would use an individual’s own muscle…

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YouGov says wearable tech will play an important role in retail

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As smartwatches enter the mainstream, retailers will need to embrace this technology in order to keep up. According to a recent statement made by YouGov, as wearable tech becomes a growing part of the everyday lives of the majority of the population, brick and mortar retailers are going to need to start to embrace what these devices have to offer in order to improve their in-store experience in a way that will allow them to compete with online-only merchants. The statement, made by YouGov director Russell Feldman, called wearables “an…

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API released for QR codes on Android Wear

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Google has now introduced a new application program interface that will help with the display of quick response codes. Google has recently released a statement that has announced that it has released an API for Android Wear designed for the display of QR codes, which can be used for a broad range of different purposes. This could help to make it more convenient for wearable technology users to use alternatives to paper tickets, for example. When QR codes can be displayed on smartwatches and other future wearable technology gadgets based…

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Wearables making health claims will now be FDA regulated

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In an effort to ensure that medical promises made by wearable technology are trustworthy, they will be subject to regulation. The idea of putting on wearables such as pedometers, fitness bands, and even smartwatches, before beginning a workout has become relatively commonplace, to the point that there are many people who simply wear their devices all the time, regardless of whether they are awake or asleep. That said, the more products there are on the wearable technology shelves, the grander their claims seem to be. The U.S. Food and Drug…

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Wearables are used by a small fraction of adults

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Over 80 percent are already using smartphones and among them, most have Android mobile devices. Although both last year and this year have been declared the year of the wearables, and many have expected that these devices, such as smartwatches and smart glasses, would go mainstream, it looks as though it may require a little bit more time for that hype to turn into consumer adoption. The results of a recent study has shown that wearable technology is used by a small minority of adults. This research was conducted by…

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Wearable technology’s top brand is Apple, even though its device isn’t out yet

Apple Watch apps -wearable technology

Despite the fact that it won’t be releasing its smartwatch until early next year, it is still the brand in the lead. Even though Apple doesn’t yet have a wearable technology that is actually available to be purchased on the market, it has already become the leading brand in this category which has a considerable number of participants with products for sale. Consumers won’t be able to actually buy and test the Apple Watch until the start of next year but it is already a favorite. This was part of…

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Morgan Stanley believes in the future of wearable technology

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The financial services firm has predicted that this tech category will grow to a business of $1.6 billion. Wearable technology remains a tech category that is in its infancy, and while there is a rapidly growing number of devices continually being released – from smartwatches to smart jewelry and from augmented reality glasses to clothing with sensors – the analysts at Morgan Stanley have faith in the growth that it will experience and have released a promising forecast for its future. They have predicted that it won’t be long before…

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