GPS tracking smartwatch for kids has security flaw

TicTocTrack GPS Tracking Smartwatch - YouTube

The security flaw could allow a stranger to stalk a child with the device. TicTocTrack, a popular GPS tracking smartwatch for children in Australia, has been found to have security flaws that could potentially allow hackers to track and call children. The researchers found that the watch’s services could be easily compromised. Computer researchers at Pen Test Partners discovered vulnerabilities in the watch on Monday. The researchers found that the GPS tracking smartwatch, which has been sold in Australia since 2014, could allow hackers to view personal data on the…

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Mobile security is weak among many wearable technology devices

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A recent study has shown that many consumers are choosing affordability over privacy protection. As the size of the wearable technology market continues to grow, and consumers have a rapidly increasing number of devices from which to choose, many people are being swayed by low prices despite the fact that they continue to have concerns over mobile security in these gadgets. New research has revealed that 80 percent of consumers were concerned about privacy related to wearables. The study was conducted by Acquity Group. It showed that while four out…

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